You Matter Too... So Act Like It!

You were created to solve some significant problem and we exist to equip and support you in solving it.  


  1. Your current knowledge, talent and skills are a gift and blessing to someone.
  2. Problems and burdens that you carry hold clues to something you're equipped to heal.
  3. Your seasons of preparation are not time wasted, but roots established.
  4. People who celebrate your knowledge, talent and skills are indicators that you're speaking to your ideal customer.
  5. Your breakthrough may require you to let go of everything and then give your all to ONE thing.
  6. Your most remarkable results are tailor-fitted solutions birthed through passionate pursuit.
  7. Your time is essential to every great thing you'll do for yourself and the community you're building through your Unique Combination of Powers (UCP). Protect Your Time. Theme it. Allocate it. Measure it. Invest it. Share it. Enjoy it.



Our signature training - The reINVENTION of You Masterclass - provides tailored instruction for finding your passion, creating your own website, simplifying content creation and making money online using your current knowledge, talent and skills. This is the ideal solution for doing work you love and living on purpose.


The core audience is T.E.A.C.H.E.R.S.


  • Trainers
  • Educators
  • Authors
  • Coaches
  • Healers (Ministers)
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Relationship Experts
  • Speakers

If you're located in or willing to travel to the Birmingham, AL area, we host small groups, mastermind round table discussions and facilitate hands-on live workshops for quick implementation and results.


You can also connect with the visionary behind - Algernon A. Tucker - on Facebook, Twitter or by email.


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An Invitation-only Experience

The reINVENTION of You Masterclass is an Invitation-only training experience. We screen and deliberately place everyone to insure that the right people learn together.


How To Receive An Invitation

To qualify as a candidate, you must complete our 6-session Small Group Training: Act Like You Matter (which is facilitated through a combination of in-person and live video coaching sessions). 


These 6 sessions are paid by us for three reasons:

  • To show you why you matter too
  • To give you a basis and framework to act like you matter
  • To position you to generate income doing work that fascinates you


But first you have to show up.

Then participate.

And finally decide that investing in yourself is the most important thing you can do today.


What You'll Gain From The 6 Free Sessions

If what you gain from the Introductory Session gives you the confidence to continue, simply order the training resources from Amazon (approx. $50) and take your assessments.


During the 6 sessions which follow, we'll question, analyze and extract your greatest value from the assessments. And in doing so, begin the process for identifying and embracing your Unique Combination of Powers (UCP).


Next we'll transfer key characteristics from the assessment reports to your personalized Canvas and Vision Board. The result is a Vision and Income Generation Plan for your life and business, built upon what is right and strong and valuable about You.


What You Have To Do Next

The form below is your access point to a truly satisfying experience (with yourself and the ideas you haven't been able to successfully share with the world).


Completing the form will will do 2 things:

  1. Add you to our email list.
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So you're clear on what we will do with your email address...


  • Initially, you will only receive communications about the Small Group Sessions and Content.
  • And you'll remain in control of what we send you (for the entire time you're a member in this community). If you decide to pursue enrollment in The reINVENTION of You Masterclass, your communication preferences will be updated to reflect what information is most important to you.
  • Because the experience you have with us matters, we'll check with you periodically to see how well we're serving your needs.
  • Finally, we anticipate a long-term relationship you, your friends and colleagues. How we serve you and help you solve the problems you're facing is key to making this happen.
  • Plus, your feedback helps us create a better experience for everyone in the 7DS Community.

Next step...

Sign up for the free small group sessions and get access to download the Canvas and Vision Board shown below.

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