Business Launch Secrets

Keys To Collecting Profits That Lie Hidden In Problems You've Already Solved But Never Shared With The People Eagerly Waiting To Reward You With Cash For Relieving Their Most Irritating Frustrations, Annoyances and Stumbling Blocks


Let's face it...

Launching a business is SCARY.

It will kidnap your life because you have no control or guidelines (you honor).

It will wreck your marriage because you spend no quality time at home.

It will annihilate your passion because you have no plan for success (that you actually believe will work).


This is the story for just about everyONE!


But it doesn't have to be Your Story.


What if you could...

  • Get step-by-step instructions to Create Your Own Website (which becomes your school and product distribution center)
  • Simplify Your Content Creation (because you're probably doing it the hard, complicated and time-consuming way)
  • Make Money Online Doing What You Love...


which more than anything else is Teaching and Training to Transform Lives!


Would having these 3 skills give you the confidence to finally launch your business (and stick with it until you make it into a Value Delivering, Profit Machine)?


You already have the expertise.


You already have the passion.


You already have the commitment.


What you're missing is the structure needed to create, market and deliver your solutions around the clock to paying customers (without you having to ring up, box and ship orders).


That's why you're here -- to get the structure that can help you deliver your expertise systematically, practically and profitably!


And TRUTH be told, structure isn't the only thing you're missing.

You also feel like what you already know, what you've already proven, where you've already excelled is NOT GOOD enough


The worst part about having these feelings (of inadequacy and incompetence) is they have friends (who travel with them).

You know these friends very well.








These emotions are "perfectly programmed" to make you either QUIT or find a reason to STICK and a way to WIN.


You are not inadequate.

You are not incompetent.

You are not incapable of successfully launching and operating your business.


The problem is...

You keep allowing yourself to get stuck in a cycle of trying to make it just right so that you won't be criticized or humiliated (if it fails).


Criticism absolutely hurts...

But so does having restrictions on your life in the areas where you WANT BETTER OPTIONS (such as your health, care of loved ones, entertainment and travel, newer technology to make things easier or faster, access to experts who can stimulate your mind and help you think bigger, better and faster).


Fear of Criticism SHUTS down your ability to see the next step.

Faith in Accountability SETS up your mind to believe you can confidently take the next step.




You're wise enough to ask for help and connect with the right people - people committed to helping you get over this "emotional hump" so you can prove once and for all that your fear (in it's many disguises) can't stop you from becoming a successful entrepreneur.


You're here to determine if we can...

  • Walk Together (Sharpen The Right Skills)
  • Talk Together (Ask The Right Questions)
  • Build Together (Create The Right Results)


The most important idea to consider, right now, is being open to the possibility that YOU ARE ENOUGH... Exactly as you are right now!


The truth about YOU is that what you already know, what you've already proven and where you've already excelled is the foundation that you'll use to build your training academy and community.


The key is digital products and the technique is KAIZEN (pronounced KY - Zen).

Kaizen has two definitions:

  1. Using very small steps to improve a habit, a process, or product
  2. Using very small moments to inspire new products and inventions


In this program, you'll learn both methods, giving your focus to solving one problem at a time.


The digital products you'll be able consistently produce, market and deliver to your audience, will simply amaze you.


We call this The 7 Day Secret and now you have a chance to learn about and use this secret to make your dream of entrepreneurship come true.


This specialized LIBRARY and learning HUB brings the best thinkers and creatives to you to produce an accelerated, totally awesome and interactive online learning experience for you.


Ready to jump in?

Let's Do It!



Little-Known Ways To Create In-Demand Digital Products That Make You Money

A Blueprint For Generating Income Using What You Already Know, What You've Already Proven And Where You've Already Excelled As An Exceptional T.E.A.C.H.E.R., Social Influencer and Problem-Solver



Before You Rush Into Discovering How To Create In-Demand Digital Products, There Are A Few Pointers You Might Want To Know About The Experience You'll Have After Deciding To Join The Community.


  • This is NOT a course on “setting up your business once and going to the beach while the profits fill your bank account to the max" - even though everything you'll learn is systematic, repeatable and optimized to generate profit.
  • This is NOT a course about building the best website and creating the best products - although we facilitate monthly strategy sessions with mastermind clients (which you'll eventually become) to find ways to top your best results-to-date and refine your solutions so they're exactly what your customers WANT and Need.
  • This is NOT a course about creating in-demand digital products, but instruction, tools and processes for creating ASSETS which deliver value and generate income over and over again. An important key to accelerate your wealth creation efforts.
  • This is NOT a course about advertising - though you have the option of requesting help to structure your campaigns and improve your copywriting so that only ideal prospects are targeted and converted into buyers and monthly subscribers. There is nothing worst (in business) than taking money from and dealing with an ill-suited, out-of-place prospect who should have passed on your offer. Better copy (your # 1 stress prevention strategy) would have persuaded this person to keep on looking.



The clearest, biggest, most significant gain for YOU -- after you've personally uncovered these Business Launching Secrets, is seeing exactly how each secret provides YOU a SHORTCUT to living a life, not only worth bragging about, but also an indicator and advisor on where you'll likely get the highest return for your time, money, effort, knowledge, talents & skills - like a crystal clear vision from God.



FINALLY... This is NOT a course about “how to get rich”... but, if you do what is instructed and complete the corresponding action plans, you will definitely make more money than you’re making right now in your existing business or occupation.


Why can I say that?


Because this IS a course about aligning with your Purpose (to SOLVE the problem that you were created to solve), channeling your Passion (to INVEST diligently and enthusiastically while making the right things happen) and thinking like a Publisher (to DELIVER solutions that make a desired difference in the lives of the people you were created to serve -- Your Customers, Clients and True Fans).





Even better, because you'll be shown how to make your solutions accessible anytime (24/7/365), from any device with an Internet connection, you cannot begin to imagine the TIME FREEDOM you'll get back to enjoy your life more fully and engage your work more rewardingly.


The Critical Action Plans -- A Series of Sequential Actions Completed Over 7 to 14 Days -- Will Show You HOW TO...


  ...Think like a PUBLISHER (Create Products That Sell and Help Students Develop or Acquire Relevant Skills)

  ...Operate like a SCHOOL (Facilitate Gradually Increasing Mastery of Principles In Bite-Sized Chunks To Help Students Deliver Better Results Faster)

  ...Feel like a COMMUNITY (Provide Support and Accountability To Help Students Overcome Internal and External Conflicts or Obstacles)


Thinking this way can allow you to see the value, simplicity and greatly reduced effort in creating a business designed to serve 1,000 True Fans -- The Perfect Little Community.


You really don't need a gazillion customers.


Just 1,000 True Fans -- Customers you know so well - because they trust you and your system enough to reveal their deepest cravings, fears and WANTS - that you can serve them for life.

Like the ravings fans of various Apple products, they cannot wait until you release your next solution so that they can be the first to buy it.


Still Puzzled?


Do the math.



With Only 1,000 True Fans paying a $25 membership fee, you can generate $10,000 per month in Net Profit when your expenses do not exceed 60%.


Equation 1: 1,000 x $25 = $25,000 (TURNOVER)

Equation 2: $25,000 x .40 = $10,000 (NET PROFIT)


How Does This Compare To What You're Earning Right Now?


  • Is it enough to get you confront your DOUBT and silence your DISCOURAGEMENT?
  • Is it enough to persuade you to consider that you can no longer KEEP YOUR SECRETS - your innovative solutions - to yourself?
  • Is it enough to decide that SHARING THE SOLUTION to this problem you've solved is worth getting criticized, given bad reviews and treated like you're the idiot (when in reality... it's your criticizers who are stuck with problems they can't get rid of)?


Still on the fence?


WARNING: The story in this video is known to give the watcher (YOU) an overdose of self-confidence right after whacking you upside the head with a sense of humility and a reminder about the important role you serve. It surely helped this guy set things straight inside his head and heart.


Don’t QUIT: Shake Yourself Loose from the DOUBT & Discouragement That’s Stopped You From Launching Your Business and Living Your DREAM!


7 Takeaways From This Video To REVEAL The Giant Killer In You...

Permission Granted: Be The Crazy, Insane Believer In The DREAM You Hold Close To Your HEART!


  1. The DREAM is Bigger Than You Currently Are... So What? You Still Have Capacity To Grow, So Grow!
  2. The DREAM Will Pull You In Directions You Might Not Be Interested In Going... Go Anyway!
  3. The DREAM Will Initially Draw Vicious, Relentless Critics... Be Courageous and Know They Can't Stop You!
  4. The DREAM Will Push You, Pressure You, Punish You If You Don't QUIT... Just To Show You That You're Bolder and Stronger and More Able Than You've Considered Yourself To Be!
  5. The DREAM Will Cost You Something SCARY... And Reward You Exceedingly Abundantly Above All That You've Ever Asked For or Considered!
  6. The DREAM Is For You... But Was REALLY Given To You To Lift Others Out Of Their Living HELL To Begin Experiencing The PEACE Of God, Which Surpasses All Understanding!
  7. The DREAM Is Not Pretty, At Least Not When You Begin Working On It... Instead You'll Discover The Ultimate Deception -- Your Dream Is Overcast By Trials and Obstacles and Stumbling Blocks and Restrictions and Catch-22s!


You've Been Called To Kill the GIANT And Make The People (Your Customers) Feel Safe and Relieved and In Control.


Making this happen requires You to face the UGLY Truth that You're In For The Fight Of Your Life and One Hell Of An Adventure! 


Your first GIANT is to disprove the MYTHS.



8 Powerfully Deceptive Myths You Probably Believe About Launching A Business

PLUS A Simple Guide To Conquering The Dream Killers [EMOTIONS] That Have STOPPED You (More Than Once)






  • MYTH #1: You Cannot QUIT (Once You Launch) Under Any Circumstances
  • MYTH #2: You Already Know Exactly What You Want and How To Get It
  • MYTH #3: You Are The Boss... Boss Lady... President... CEO... Chief Administrator
  • MYTH #4: You Will Fail If You Don't Know The "RIGHT" People In Your Industry
  • MYTH #5: You Are Going To Be Filthy Rich and Can Quit Your Job In A Year
  • MYTH #6: You Will Need A Boatload of Startup Capital To Launch Successfully
  • MYTH #7: You Are Going To Have The Time Of Your Life Building Your Business
  • MYTH #8: You Have To Take BIG Risks If You Want BIG Results 


The action plans for these 8 MYTHS are covered in the Guide below. You can DOWNLOAD Immediately from the Member Dashboard after establishing your FREE Account


YES! I Want To Setup My FREE Member Account


Now That You've Began Conquering Your Emotions... Complete The Critical NEXT Steps To Success-Proof Your Business LAUNCH Plan

2 Critical Action Plans All New Training, Coaching and Publishing Business Owners (YOU) Should Have and Complete Before Launching... PLUS, a 3rd Critical Action Plan You Must Focus On After Launching To Pave The Way For Business Growth!



Before You Join...

Here's something to put you at ease and make this decision a no-brainer:

I’m not only a small business owner like you, but I'm a customer and member of 7 Day Secret Academy. I created this product initially to solve my own problems and later developed it into an academy to help You WIN too.

There's absolutely no risk to you.


Get it. Try it. Like it. CONTINUE.

Get it. Try it. Don't Like it. REFUND.


The refund period is any time within 30 days from date of purchase.


While I can’t guarantee how well you'll succeed, I know that you'll be changed for the better, having interacted with the content on this site (starting with Critical Action Plan 1 below), as well as being sharpened by the community of T.E.A.C.H.E.R.S. who support 7 Day Secret Academy.

Critical Action Plan # 1

Critical Action Plan # 1


ONE question you need to answer about WHERE You are most likely to be a dominating force and the bottom-line, guaranteed, FIVE Desired Outcomes your website will help every customer experience, especially if you want to make sales by the truckload. (IGNORE this essential, clarifying pre-construction work, and your website will fail to become the membership community that ideal prospects flock to and quickly join as paying customers).



A custom WordPress website is around $6,000 – $15,000 (for design and development, with custom plugins). Source


ENROLL In Academy PLUS for $39.95 monthly and Begin Creating The Website That Ideal Prospects Flock To and Quickly Join as Paying Customers.

Get Academy PLUS Membership



Critical Action Plan # 2

Critical Action Plan # 2


How to quickly assemble "desire fulfilling" content which creates a genie-like, your-wish-is-my-command experience for ideal prospects and existing customers (and allows you to PUBLISH Your Content 10 times faster than your competitors could ever dream of). PLUS... the unequivocal, absolutely essential shift you must make to ensure long-term financial security and independence for your C.E.O.S.S. (Customers, Employees, Owners (YOU), Suppliers & Specialists). Everybody wins who joins you and helps you fulfill the Vision).



The average cost for website copywriting services is $25 to $25,000 per page. This broad price range results from several factors, like the of content, as well as the page length and topic. It also depends on the skill, experience, and background of your copywriter or copywriting agency. Source


ENROLL In Academy PLUS for $39.95 monthly and Learn How To PUBLISH "Desire-Fulfilling" Content 10 times faster than your competitors to ensure your Financial Security and Independence..

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Critical Action Plan # 3

Critical Action Plan # 3


WHY selling based on "needs" means you'll go broke in the blink of an eye! (You'll not only discover the 5 ECONOMIC Levers which drive Net Profit off the charts, but also the FIVE desired outcomes people will spend their last dime on, go into debt and even cripple themselves financially to get and experience. Once you know this secret, you can sell to virtually anyone. WARNING: You must promise not to abuse this. It's THAT powerful!) Finally, you can STOP making sales complicated, STOP making excuses about not launching and GO make that money.



The typical coaching program specifically targeted at entrepreneurs for helping you develop a self-managed company is $7,900 for four days of coaching. Source


ENROLL In Academy PLUS for $39.95 monthly to Discover and Employ the 5 ECONOMIC Levers Which Drive Net Profit Off The Charts. You'll get immediate access to the 3 Critical Actions Plans listed above, as well as monthly Group Coaching through Q & A Live Events to support your growth and success.

  • Critical Action Plan 1: Build Your Website
  • Critical Action Plan 2: Publish Your Content
  • Critical Action Plan 3: Increase Your Cashflow (Core)

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