Ideal Role and Ideal Future



Pre-Coaching Session 01: Validate Chemistry


One thing that I’ve discovered is super helpful when coaching others is providing a roadmap to let them see where they are, where they’ve been and where they might go NEXT.


The Infopreneur Automation Honeycomb is that Roadmap.


It can help you define on paper, your Ideal Role and Ideal Future.


You’ll see this diagram, slightly modified with each lesson, so that you know exactly where you are in the Infopreneur Automation Process.


This approach also allows the chemistry between us to unfold and reveal whether or not I am the right coach for you.


Whatever you decide, you’ll want to join a community that celebrates YOU as a person and an expert.


Doing so will keep your genius active in the community so that you can pass on the benefits of quality exchange to your ideal prospects and clients.


A brief overview of where we’re headed:



  • Your Time Allocation (How you minimize distraction and say NO to things you should not do).
  • Your Strengths Blueprint (What makes you fascinating, remarkable and incredibly valuable).



  • Your Trusted Advisors (Who keeps you accountable to the right standards and goals).
  • Your Circle of GIANTS (Your expanded community of Advisors, Specialists and Business Partners).
  • Your Recipe for RESULTS (Your BLUEPRINT on Paper and the list of Next Actions to Begin Making It A Reality).


The process begins with MINDSTORMING.


Why Mindstorming?

Mindstorming helps you create a blueprint of your thinking and captures this thinking on paper where you can SEE all the known pieces.


You’ll be using the same structure illustrated in the Infopreneur Automation Honeycomb (to quickly capture related ideas).



The process is simple…


Write your main idea in the center of honeycomb, surrounded by six supporting ideas. The masterclass inside the Member Area will walk you through this process step-by-step.


How does Mindstorming benefit you?

  • Accurate Thought >>>
  • Imagination >>>
  • Concentration >>>
  • Co-operation >>>
  • Self Control >>>
  • Enthusiasm >>>


What steps can you take to make use of Mindstorming immediately?

For this insight, you will need to access the masterclass inside the Members Area.

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  2. It enables DOWNLOADS (which you’ll need for this Mindstorming Process).
  3. This is also a transitional point where you let me know that you’re engaged by what you’ve experienced so far.
  4. By taking the next step, you’re also expressing that you want to know what’s in store for you in the Member Area. 
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