7 Day Secret Infopreneur Alliance
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Accurate Thought is about refining two essential thinking skills:


  1. Being able to separate facts from fiction.
  2. Being able to extract relevant facts and act upon them.


Here are the benefits of doing this effectively:



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Imagination is the workshop of the human mind wherein old ideas and established facts may be reassembled into new combinations and put to new uses.


Your imagination is both interpretative and creative in nature. It can examine facts, concepts and ideas, and it can create new combinations and plans out of these.


Here are the benefits of doing this effectively:



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Concentration is the act of focusing the mind upon a given desire until ways and means for its realization have been worked out and successfully put into operation.


Two important laws enter into the act of concentrating the mind on a given desire.

  1. The first is the Law of Autosuggestion (Thinking and Speaking about exactly what you want to create).
  2. The second is the Law of Habit (what you do automatically given a certain trigger or catalyst).


Habit grows out of environment — out of doing the same thing in the same way over and over again, out of repetition. It is the byproduct of thinking the same thoughts over and over.


When these thoughts are false and you allow them to become belief, they resemble cement (in your mind) preventing everything true from gaining access.


These habits are nearly impossible to break up and remove without a skilled accountability coach.


Here are the benefits of using Autosuggestion and partnering with an Accountability Coach for Good Habit Formation:



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Cooperation is the beginning of all organized effort and organized effort is the key to personal and organizational power.


There are two forms of Cooperation that you should consider employing.

  1. The first type of Cooperation is between you and other experts, who come together and form an alliance for the purpose of attaining a desired outcome, under the relationship structure known as the Master Mind.
  2. The second type of Cooperation is within -- an alliance between your conscious and sub-conscious minds, which forms a reasonable hypothesis of your ability to contact, communicate with and draw upon the infinite intelligence of God.


By studying this dual system (Alliance With Other Experts + Alliance Within), you can discover how your body transmits the energy required for you take action.


You'll discover the exact points at which the two systems are connected, and the manner in which you can instantly transmit a desired outcome from your conscious to your sub-conscious mind.


Once your sub-conscious mind receives specific input, it begins working non-stop to bring forth the instruction and resources needed to create your desired outcome.


Your job then is to nurture the birthing of your desired outcome by doing 5 things (in the exact order listed below):


  1. Concentrate (Do only what should be done to support the maturity and birth of this desired outcome).
  2. Discriminate (Don't do what should not be done which impedes the maturity and birth of this desired outcome).
  3. Organize (Align your SELF with people, tasks, ideas and emotions that support your desired outcome).
  4. Innovate (Start with techniques which have worked in the past and refine these techniques through small, yet hugely rewarding improvements).
  5. Communicate (Talk about your desired outcome as if you already have it... using descriptive details to give it distinction in your mind and the minds of your support team).


Here are the benefits of using Cooperation in the manner prescribed above:



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Self Control is directing your enthusiasm toward the achievement of your desired outcome.


Enthusiasm is the vital quality that arouses you to action, while self-control is the balance wheel that directs your action so that it will build up and not tear down.


A person with well-developed self-control does not indulge in hatred, envy, jealousy, fear, revenge, or any similar destructive emotions.


A person with well-developed self-control does not go into ecstasies or become ungovernably enthusiastic over anything or anybody.


Unless you've covered some pretty extensive Self-control training, you likely would benefit tremendously not only from an Accountability Coach, but also a Tribe of Experts who protect and preserve one another.


Here are the benefits of an Accountability Coach and Tribe of Experts to help you gain mastery in the area of Self Control:



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Enthusiasm is the state of mind that inspires and arouses you to take immediate action to advance toward your desired outcome.


When you mix Enthusiasm with your Purpose and Assignment, there is draw from your desired outcome that constantly invites you to contribute, learn and advance.


Enthusiasm will energize your entire body and allow you perform at an intense level, in spite of having had less sleep (than what is typical for you).


When your own mind is vibrating at this high rate of energy (created by enthusiasm), that vibration registers in the minds of all (ideal prospects and clients) within its radius, and especially in the minds of those (ideal prospects and clients) whom you've already made contact.


This high rate of energy is your primary leverage for fascinating and attracting your ideal prospects and clients.


Your Fascination Factor comes through...


Well, actually, there is an explanation for why Enthusiasm is so powerful. 


The underlying Greek origin of Enthusiasm (en + theos) literally means under the divine inspiration of God.

Link Online Etymology Dictionary for Enthusiasm


When your thoughts, actions and words harmonize, you are almost guaranteed to sway ideal prospects and clients to your way of thinking.


Here are the benefits of Enthusiasm:



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