Why Are We Here?


To begin an important conversation with you about the life you want and the work that you find fascinating.



What Is the Conversation About (Specifically)?


The conversation is specifically about ALIGNING and MAXIMIZING 3 inter-related things:


  • What you LOVE
  • Where You EXCEL and
  • How You Can PROFIT from Your Difference!


The "and" is imperative because all 3 must work in harmony for maximum impact.



How Can This Conversation Benefit You (Immediately)?


  • The first benefit is CONFIDENCE in your Unique Combination of POWERS. All the raw materials needed to begin creating the life you want and begin doing the work that fascinates you... are already within.
  • The second benefit is CLARITY about the problem this Unique Combination of POWERS has equipped you to solve. Every ONE that God created, was created, to solve a problem.
  • The third benefit is COMPOSITION. Sometimes, the only thing preventing your great idea from taking flight is a lack of proper arrangement or structure.


Each of these benefits can be given to you in a single conversation.



Who Will Gain The Maximum Benefit From These Conversation?


These conversations will deliver maximum benefit to leaders who want to:


  • Become more effective at enabling others to share ideas and generate solutions.
  • Communicate more thoughtfully and mindfully, using questions as a conversation starter.
  • Reshape culture through the promotion of creativity, diversity and strengths-based collaboration.
  • Encourage innovation and risk-taking.
  • Differentiate from other leaders and deliver unique and practical solutions.
  • Stay mindful of what is most important and quickly disengage when distractions arise.
  • Make choices and decisions that better align with your intentions.
  • Provide greater opportunities for others to own and implement their ideas.
  • Remove roadblocks that prevent others from doing their best work.
  • Use effective communication to motivate and coach.
  • Create better (financial) results by understanding the key factors that influence purchasing behavior.