Step 01: reFRAME Your Value.

  • The Way You Solve Problems Is Exceptional.
  • Your Solutions Are Tailor-Fitted.
  • Your Skills Are Top-Notch.
  • Your Implementation Is Flawless.
  • Your Ability To Learn And Master Concepts Is Scholarly.


Certain people gladly consume the benefits of your Expertise and Generosity, with no intent to compensate YOU for making some aspect of their life look better, feel better and/or flow better.

They categorize and treat YOU as a resource.

While YOU treat them like someone important to you — with whom YOU have a relationship.

It’s the furthest thing from the truth and YOU know it, so enough of that!!!

From this day forward, give yourself permission to START investing in investors and collaborators.

Then systematically depart from consumers — people who take from YOU without giving back, as well as those who manipulate YOU through an area where you’ve not established boundaries to protect your mind and emotions.

A New Definition

This begins with YOU adopting a new definition for relationship and making it a requirement for others to honor this “new definition” before they gain access to your resources.

New Definition: A RELATIONSHIP (the good ones and the great ones) is a Quality Exchange.

YOU get something YOU want from that person, every time YOU invest in that person.

Access is not title-granted (i.e. family, friend, spouse, lover, customer, co-worker), but contribution-granted.

YOU give according to the quality and relevance of their give-back / contribution to YOU.

If what you’re receiving from them does not satisfy, then there is no Quality Exchange.

Quality Exchange

A Quality Exchange is dynamic and has levels of value.

Each level determines a person’s degree of access to YOU and your resources.

For instance, imagine that your plan is to allocate 20 hours of your 168-hour week to investing in others.

Your Quality Exchange Strategy might look like this…

  • Level 1: For Ministry (These people benefit from who you are and what you do out in the community) – 10% of your 20 hours which is 2 hours
  • Level 2: For Mission (These people walk with and invest in YOU during a given project) – 50% of your 20 hours which is 10 hours.
  • Level 3: For Mastermind (These people walk with and invest in YOU continuously) – 40% of your 20 hours which is 8 hours

Time Mastery 101

This leaves YOU 148 hours (168 minus 20) for time at work, time with family, time with friends and time with self.

From the 148 hours, let subtract 56 hours (7 days x 8 hours per day) for sleep, rest and rejuvenation.

This leaves YOU 92 unallocated hours.

Next, subtract 50 hours for work and commute, leaving YOU 42 unallocated hours.

Your Golden Opportunity

These 42 hours are your golden opportunity to reFRAME Your Value.

If you gave yourself just 1 hour per day to reFRAME Your Value, you still have 35 unallocated hours for family, friends. and self.

My point is… TIME is not your problem.

How you’ve allocated your time, through the inability to say NO to the wrong things and wrong people, is your core issue.

And I’m here to help YOU fix this.

Everything YOU do to reFRAME Your Value, has the potential to make YOU more Attractive, Assertive and Productive.

These 3 forms of what I call BIG Deal “Creative” Energy (attractiveness, assertiveness and productiveness) can cultivate in YOU the magnetism for getting first dibs on the best opportunities, relationships and rewards (given your expertise and sphere of influence). But first YOU must break the curse.

Breaking The Curse

Next comes the work YOU must do on yourself to break the curse of Do For Others At Your Own Expense.

This is important…

Every “thing” you’ve experienced (good and bad) from people who you’ve served and received nothing in return, is your responsibility to correct.

You’re not going to waste time and energy blaming others for what you’ve experience.

You’re also not going to let paranoia and fear cause YOU to cut off your gift from others.

We need YOU.

Instead, YOU will simply start taking responsibility for what happens going forward (starting with these 2 questions).

Q1: With everything that YOU know and all the abilities that you’ve cultivated over many years, how can YOU STOP yourself from taking on too much of the wrong stuff from the wrong people?

Q2: How can you create the discipline or mantra of relationship before resource to ensure your investments in others is rewarding for YOU too? YOU may not be able to answer these questions yet.

Here’s some a brief lesson on social heredity to get your wheel turning in the right direction.

It all boils down to Perspective and How You See Your Value. Over the course of your life, you’ve been programmed to say YES without considering the “real” cost. Just because YOU can do something well, doesn’t mean YOU should.

Take on enough of these “just because YOU can” tasks and soon your important tasks stop receiving your best thinking and effort. Then the trickster within justifies your decision to help so YOU stay engaged, yet you’re emotionally overwhelmed from feeling dumb, disappointed and deceived (for letting it happen to YOU again).

The weighty-ness of taking on the wrong people’s problems has YOU Exhausted, Frustrated and Disappointed. The better opportunities keep passing YOU by because you’re too busy applying your Knowledge, Talent, Skills and Passion to lesser things and non-reciprocating people.

Decide today, like right now, that you’ll only say YES to problems and opportunities that benefit YOU First. Commit to this decision and give yourself permission to use your phenomenal problem-solving skills on your own problem… namely, the inability to say NO!

Next, DOWNLOAD the Personal Power reINVENTION Guide below to help YOU begin making the shift.

WARNING: As much as I’d like to tell YOU that your decision alone seals the deal, I know from personal experience that this experiment is going to stretch the hell out of YOU.

But it’s worth it because it promises to initiate the reINVENTION of YOU (in 7-Day increments). That’s right! You’ll learn how to make this happen 1 week at a time.

Let’s get it started.


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