Welcome to The 7 Day Secret Infopreneur Alliance

Aligning Technology, Training and Teamwork To Maximize The Usefulness of Your Talent Thru Information-based Solutions.


This Alliance is for aspiring and established Infopreneurs, which are entrepreneurs who specialize in creating information-based solutions in various digital formats (audio, kindle books, online courses, PDF downloads, software files, video, etc) plus coaching and consulting.


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An Ideal Business Model for L.I.F.E.C.O.A.C.H.E.S.


If you aspire to become a successful Life Coach (in 1 of the following areas), this is great community (for learning, support and exchange of useful ideas).


  • Love | Relationships | Dating Life Coach
  • Investing for Retirement | Financial Services Life Coach
  • Finding and Living Out Your God-Given Purpose Life Coach
  • Executive Leaders Life Coach
  • Career | Career Transition Life Coach
  • Online Store | Digital Products | Membership Academy Life Coach
  • Accountability and Mindset for Superior Performance Life Coach
  • Cashflow | Sales Funnels | Marketing Strategy Life Coach
  • Health | Fitness | Attractiveness | Lifestyle Makeover Life Coach
  • Empowerment for ________________ (Group) Life Coach
  • Small Business Launch Specialist Life Coach


As a member of this Alliance, the first thing you'll discover is Confidence about the importance of what you already know and who you already are (Your God-Likeness).


From this foundation births Clarity about the problem God created you to solve (Your ONE Thing).


As an Alliance Member, you'll be shown how to build a Training, Coaching and Publishing Enterprise around your ONE Thing.


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VisionLaunchPRO1322: a Gaming Experience


A significant portion of your preparation for launching or relaunching your business will be facilitated through a Gaming Experience.


VisionLaunchPRO1322: a Gaming Experience is designed specifically to help you get CLARITY about your SELF and the Vision for your business.





VisionLaunchPRO1322: a Gaming Experience allows you to learn and then execute the STEPS for launching a God-inspired Vision, in a fun, engaging, socially-interactive and business-oriented environment.


Using a double-sided 11 x 17 Canvas Worksheet, you'll document your gaming experience and use the structure of what you've learned as the model and initial plan for launching (or relaunching) your actual business.


  1. Use your G = God-Likeness to Courageously embrace the significant things you already know and the remarkable person you already are.
  2. Use your O = ONE Thing to Clarify the problem God tailor-designed you to solve.
  3. Use Your S = StrengthsBLUEPRINT to Compose a practical and systematic solution for a specific group of people.
  4. Use Your P = Personal History to Commit to your WHY and begin building the business website to deliver your solution in consistently excellent fashion.
  5. Use your E = Entrepreneurial Vision to Connect + Convert insight to assets which establish the framework for perpetual wealth in your family.
  6. Use your L = LoveQUADRANT to Compensate the people who follow your Instruction, support your Vision and make it Possible for you to achieve your Outer (tangible) and Inner (intangible) Motivations.


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Your Tailor-Fitted Circle of GIANTS (or Expert Counsel)


To prevent you from quitting (when it gets hard), we'll surround you with a Circle of GIANTS (wise counsel and expert advisors) who believe in your Vision and hold you Accountable to minimizing the distractions, eliminating the obstacles and facilitating the transformation (made possible through your genius and solution).




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Your Benefits of Alliance Membership


The images below provide you a glimpse of WHO we're here to serve and HOW you'll benefit as a member of the 7DS Infopreneur Alliance.




  1. Get the fundamentals of Wealth Creation (a stronger WHY and Inner Motivator for learning and doing what it takes to make your business idea a Profit-Generating reality).
  2. Create a detailed, yet PRACTICAL Model and Plan for LAUNCHING the successful Business you've imagined.
  3. Avoid the FATAL Booby Traps of Entrepreneurship through the proper aligning of Your Existing TALENT and Expertise, with simple TECHNOLOGY, plus Tailor-fitted & Strengths-based TRAINING, supported by & counseled through relentless TEAMWORK.
  4. You'll learn more in 3 hours at this table than you would in 3 years at the typical business school. This unique & amazing Infopreneur Preparation Tool, guided by a set of 66 cards, a 12-sided dice, 2-sided Canvas Worksheet and 2nd-to-None Facilitation, is The Ultimate Gaming Experience. This is a CAN'T LOSE Proposition!


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NEO: Your New Entrepreneur Orientation (FREE)


Before you Join the 7DS Infopreneur Alliance, we recommend that you explore NEO (New Entrepreneur Orientation).


NEO is 10+ hours of premium content, covering the CONFIDENCE and CLARITY components. We offer this to you for FREE, to make sure this community is right for you (before committing to member dues).


To access NEO, you'll need to create a FREE Member Account (using the button below).


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Your NEO (New Entrepreneur Orientation) Overview

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