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This sequenced and purpose-driven digital publishing system, backed by a community of exceptional T.E.A.C.H.E.R.S. (like You), is just the missing piece that you've been hoping to discover!






Since you love sharing your expertise to help ideal clients transform their lives, but often run into challenges which deplete your confidence, reveal your lack of clarity and uncover cracks (and sometimes potholes) in your composition (structure \ system)...





R.E.M.A.R.K.A.B.L.E. Logic will prompt and reposition you to take a fresh look at how you value, love, share and profit from your expertise.






You will begin to experience the convergence of your Passion, Purpose, Pursuit and Preeminence by executing the Process (R.E.M.A.R.K.A.B.L.E. Logic) and doing life / business with the People (a community of exceptional T.E.A.C.H.E.R.S. (like You).





Before you uncover the ins-and-outs of R.E.M.A.R.K.A.B.L.E. Logic...



Let's talk about three common factors (within your control) that have in all likelihood, been sabotaging and disrupting your success for years...



  • Success Disrupter # 1: Unrespectable Confidence [A state of self-diminishing, self-denying and self-defeating audacity, courage, determination, fearlessness, tenacity, boldness, grit, reliance, endurance or heroism].
  • Success Disrupter # 2: Insufficient Clarity [A state of lazy or misguided thinking which makes it impossible to unmask certainty, precision, distinctness, clearness, plainness or simplicity].
  • Success Disrupter # 3: Unexceptional Composition [A state of poorly guided or constructed architecture, design, structure, poise, composure, procedure, rhythm or instruction].



How are Confidence Problems threatening your success and diminishing your value?


Confidence matters.


The best route to Respectable Confidence is stopping to take inventory of your Unique Combination of POWERS.






You are wired for success beyond your imagination, but may be overlooking the significance of what you already have (in abundance).


You'll learn more about this when you tap into The Strengths Blueprint Pentamatrix.


Here are the derailing effects of not acknowledging and strategically sharing (with others) your Unique Combination of POWERS...



  • You don't trust your own ability, so you rely on everyone else (even people you shouldn't), which means you never show up in the full expression of your personal power.
  • You are closed to the possibility that your perspective about business is flawed, so you resist expert help, which means you will continue to perpetuate your own failure.
  • You act like they know better than you what God told you, so you stay in the lab, which means you're avoiding the marketplace where you can create and serve customers.
  • You freeze when anyone criticizes your vision, so the right people never experience your audacity, which means you get categorized as someone to ignore.
  • You refuse to defend the motivating factors behind your work, so others humiliate and ridicule you, which indicates you lack belief in your pursuit.
  • You won't establish boundaries to protect you and your vision, so distractions appear everywhere, which means you will always produce far less than your capacity (and often you will deliver results that don't even matter).
  • You are indecisive about making even simple decisions, so great opportunities come and then quickly pass you by, which means you'll never experience the benefits of magnetism and discernment.


How are Clarity Problems threatening your success and diminishing your value?


Clarity matters. 


The best route to Trustworthy Clarity is capturing your thoughts outside your own mind, defining the ONE Thing you're after and then arranging your thoughts to serve the ONE Thing.






If you're mature about you're growth and success, you will quickly recognize that you have gaps in your thinking.


These gaps are not to be ignored or hidden, for they are indicators of where you need help and opportunities to create new, rewarding relationships with a community of exceptional T.E.A.C.H.E.R.S. (like You).


Here are the deep and wide gaps that you may be stuck in, hindering effective thought and action...



  • You are exhausted by your work, so you think it's the wrong work, when in fact it's the wrong process or sequence (for getting the work done in excellent fashion).
  • You set easy goals or really difficult ones, so you stay busy (literally changing no-thing), when in fact you have the ability, time and solutions to change your ideal client's life right now (and get paid for your genius).
  • You feel disappointment and dissatisfaction with your results, so you revise your entire plan, when in fact you only need to define realistic expectations (based on Seed, Time and Harvest Methodology).
  • You either don't know what you want or you don't know how to get it, so you act as if you're confused, when in fact you're just undecided (and therefore uncommitted to a worthwhile pursuit).
  • You act like your thinking can't be wrong, so you ignore everybody (including your own intuition), when in fact the path to limiting your risk of failure is the presence of and alignment with wise counsel.
  • You skip steps, take shortcuts and document nothing, so no one can follow your lead, which means your business is doomed to fail if you go on vacation (which also means you have imprisoned yourself).
  • You have not written down or illustrated what you're creating, so there's no picture of a successful outcome, which means you'll be working on the puzzle (that is your business) indefinitely, because you have no idea what a finished and successful version of your business looks like.


Note: Entrepreneur and Author Brad Sugars defines a business as "A commercial, profitable enterprise, that works without you."



FINALLY... How are Composition Problems threatening your success and diminishing your value?


Composition matters.


The best route to Exceptional Composition is a process, a plan and a practice.








When you have a process (that fits), achievement is inevitable (if you don't give up on yourself).


With a plan, you can maximize the achievement (The Magic of Thinking BIG).


With the appropriate practice (the way "how" you do it), you can not only maximize the achievement, but also preserve yourself (keeping burnout, stress and apprehension out of your daily experience).



R.E.M.A.R.K.A.B.L.E. Logic provides you a process, a plan and a practice.



Here are the crushing consequences of pursuing achievement without a relevant and practical process, plan and practice...



  • You have many responsibilities, but you haven't defined the ONE Thing which aligns EVERY thing, so important responsibilities get neglected, which means you are unconsciously positioning yourself to be replaced (by the neighbor who sees the value of your spouse and the benefits of being a reliable partner).
  • You have no voice of your own, so no one knows the distinct and fulfilling experience your business specializes in, which means you're stuck competing on price and exhausting your resources (trying to outmaneuver other vague and ambiguous sellers).
  • Your knowledge, talent, skills, experience and resources are sitting in the closet of your mind, so problems you are tailor-designed (by God) to solve are still wrecking people's lives, when in fact they'd experience almost instantaneous transformation after one conversation with you. That's how powerful your gift is.
  • You don't systematically refine how you get the work done, so you consider inefficiency and waste as normal, when in fact the exponential growth that's available to you may only require small, periodic adjustments.
  • You talk as if everyone is your customer, so your languaging and communications reach no one, when in fact you already know, speak and understand the language of your clients (because you are your client).
  • Your seed capital (and other resources) get consumed by investments which do not advance your strategy, so you cannot take advantage of opportunities to promote and advertise, which means every sale will be harder to make than it could be.
  • Your primary relationships and personal transformation plan influences what you think about, so it's essential to constantly evaluate WHO you hang with and WHAT you study, or else become one-fiftieth (1/50th) of what God had in mind when He created you (to solve a specific problem in the world you live in today).


Here Are 3 Things You Can Do When Your Failure Is Connected To Unrespectable Confidence, Insufficient Clarity and Unexceptional Composition.


  1. You can do nothing and accept what others have been telling you is true... that you're never going to succeed at this.
  2. You can keep exhausting yourself and your resources by going at it alone (and pretending like performance and profit are the same). Did you know you can be excellent at doing things the wrong way?
  3. You can get some help (in the form of sequenced processes, interactive instruction and community support) and start making the difference you intended.


If you've chosen Option 3, click here to gain access to the CPR: Remarkable Logic Masterclass.






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The Solution To Depleted Confidence, Lack of Clarity and Poor Structure (Composition)


CPR: Remarkable Logic


We'll teach you our Problem Navigation Sequence titled R.E.M.A.R.K.A.B.L.E. Logic.






Applying this structure (to every task, goal and project) can make it possible for you to finally get results that make you smile.






R.E.M.A.R.K.A.B.L.E. Logic also helps you increase your confidence and clarify your goal. Then add the structure and processes (composition) to make repeated failure nearly impossible.



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