A WORKFLOW Action Plan For Ensuring That Unexpected Tasks Do Not Wreck Your Day And undermine The Trust You’ve Worked Hard to Build With Key Clients.

An Overview of [YOUR TIME MATTERS] Concept

Your Time is defined as…

  • the time you spend away from work and others.
  • the time you spend at work and with others.
  • the time (86,400 seconds) you spend daily, consciously and unconsciously doing this and that.

I decided, under no circumstances does my time belong to someone else.

In addition, I wanted to be strategic and wise about decisions regarding my time. The simplest approach I’ve found is be led spiritually (or intuitively) into deciding when to say YES and when to say NO.

I do my best to avoid emotionally-driven and ability-based decisions.

  • Just because I feel something, doesn’t mean I should take action.
  • Just because I can solve the problem, doesn’t mean I should lend my expertise.

In The Assignment by Mike Murdock, I discovered that there is a place, a position and a problem for Me.

The work I’ve engaged during this time management project, has helped me more deeply embrace this trinity (as well as the POWER it affords me to improve my WORKFLOW Efficiency).

The more I learn, the easier it becomes for me to say NO to everything that pulls me in a direction unworthy of my TIME.

I’m suggesting that you discover how to exchange your time and attention for something of greater value (especially in the work you’re already doing). The key is to think differently about the outcome you want to produce, as well as the process you’ll follow and the experience you’ll have while doing it.

Your Time Matters only when you’ve decided that it matters (and then backed this decision with corresponding action and protective boundaries).


The path to “Effective Time Use” might frustrate, irritate and annoy you. It may seem like you’re doing little to create time efficiency. The thing to remember is the project is ONLY 7 Days and it’s just an experiment.

The world is not going to end if the outcome you’ve imagined, is not realized in 7 days. However, if you happen to pull it off, you have some pretty amazing experiences ahead (both personally and professionally).

What I imagined and what actually came about (for this project), would not have happened if I had not pushed through until Friday. Monday and Tuesday alone kicked my butt. Thursday revealed the hidden gem.

Leading The Way

I’ll go first.

I’ll tackle the rough terrain.

I’ll close the CHASM (and build a bridge).

I’ll share my experience and my path to making Your TIME Matter in the 7 Day WORKFLOW Action Sequence.

In most cases, you can simply apply the sequence (and/or suggestions) I’ve outlined to get the WIN.

However, since we have a different combination of knowledge, talent, strengths, skills and experiences, you will likely encounter certain obstacles that you’ll have to figure out. These obstacles are usually personal in nature, meaning the problem is inside YOU and only YOU can see it.

Once you’ve identified and acknowledged the INNER Work to be done, we can work on transforming it together.

Pointers For Perspective

I began this lesson with a Mindmap.

I knew exactly which book to consult for laying this foundation to help make TIME matter.

My Amazon history reminded me that I purchased the Kindle edition of 100 Time Savers by Robert Plank on September 8, 2014. I was like, Wow! Some information just sits until you’re ready to put it to use.

What I really enjoy about Robert is his extremely logical mind with simple and practical application. You can’t go wrong with his ideas.

Making your TIME matter is not rocket science.

However, in some scenarios, getting control of your TIME can seem like an impossible feat.

With so much to do and not enough time to do it, how can you possibly get ahead? The simple answer is small shifts towards doing less.

Small Shifts

I’ve found that the achievement is often realized by small shifts in your perspective (about what really matters to you).

A fundamental shift which I’ve been engaging for the last 18 months is SUBTRACTING introduced by Derek Sivers.

Much of the conflict and stress that you experience today, is the result of your inability to say NO to the wrong work and NO to the illusion that doing MORE is the solution.

You matter too, so act like it!

As you take in this lesson, carefully consider…

  • What You Really Wish For and think about it frequently
  • What You Really Desire and ask for it confidently
  • What You Really Intend and move towards it purposefully
  • What You Really Are Passionate About and give it your all and best (executively, exclusively and enjoyably)

Since the 4 REALLYs are byproducts, we won’t work on them directly.

4 Environments That Impact Time

Instead, I’ve selected 4 environments where your TIME is used daily, but almost never to your advantage.

It’s in these environments that you can establish STRUCTURE which redefines how you think about yourself and the work that you’ve committed to do in a remarkable way.

WORKFLOW Process Efficiency begins with the THINKER (You | Me), not the work or activity.

  • Environment # 1: At Home Before Work
  • Environment # 2: At Work Before You Jump Into Things
  • Environment # 3: At Work While In The Thick of Things
  • Environment # 4: After Work and During OFF Days

Your map to The Goal Mine…

  • A List Of The Key Points Covered [About the 4 Environments] To Provide An Overview Of Where We’re Headed.
  • A video that unpacks The Importance of Sequence When It Comes To Right Next Action and Getting Things Done Well.
  • A Method For Getting Results Fast: 3 Things You Can [STOP \ START \ EXPLORE] Right Away.
  • Access To A Simple 7-Day Action Plan Which Streamlines and Sequences The Key Points For Improved Workflow Process Efficiency.

Work Life

  • A) Major Projects
  • B) Big Opportunities
  • C) Planning

Family Life

  • A) Time For Self
  • B) Time For Children
  • C) Time For Service and Community

A Different Approach

  • A) BIG Rocks First
  • B) Small Rocks Next
  • C) Everything Fits When Done In Proper Sequence

YouTube video

Collaborate. integrate. transform.

How To Ensure That Unexpected Tasks Do Not Wreck Your Day And undermine The Trust You’ve Worked Hard To Build With Key Clients

STOP Doing This

Stop letting your use of TIME be determined by everything and everyone else (except YOU and what you want to achieve).

START Doing This

Start using TIME effectively in the 4 environments, with an emphasis on sticking to a tailor-fitted To Do List. In doing so, you’ll not be a highly productive person, but you’ll also get back at least 1 hour a day for yourself.


Consult 100 Time Savers by Robert Plank for more ideas on taking control and making better use of your TIME (Amazon Link). Also begin exploring GTD by David Allen.

7-Day Workflow Action Sequence

Your Role = Welcomed Guest

The Action Sequence is facilitated using our Bridging the WORKFLOW Gap System. This employs a Think-On-Paper technique to help you create Workflow Process Efficiency in 7 days or less.

We’ve discovered that how you start greatly effects how you’ll finish. Therefore, we start our Workflow Process Efficiency Projects on Saturday because it provides a larger block of time to establish the foundational elements.

Once you’re back in the work environment on Monday, you’ll have a vision and plan for the PROTOTYPE you’ll deliver on Friday.

Day 1 (Sat): CONTEND Phase

  • Recognize the Possibility Using A How Can I (HCI) Statement
  • Recognize the Personal Benefit and How Achieving the HCI Will Give You More (of What You Want)
  • Recognize the Accountability and Focus Given Once You’ve Committed To An Achieve By Date
  • Exclude Visible Obstacles So That You Can Include and Implement Clear Advantages
  • Exclude Hidden Dangers So That You Can Include and Implement Practices That Protect Your Reputation
  • Mastermind A Better Way By Taking A Closer Look At Your Existing Workflow Process

3 Ways To Unlock The Action Sequence

In addition to the 7 Day Action Sequence, get INSTANT access to the BONUS Content listed above.

These Self reINVENTION Tips can help YOU pinpoint ways to refine your Distinct Value, giving YOU greater Personal Power, properly directed Focus, better OKRs and smarter Execution. OKRs stands for Objectives and Key Results.

Your membership also includes The WORKFLOW Process Rocket Report (delivered to your INBOX every Thursday).

Each report targets a specific Self reINVENTION Tip to help YOU…

  • Get results FASTER.
  • Simplify complex processes.
  • Reduce mental strain and emotional tension.
  • Systematize and Automate routine work.
  • Convert Technology into employees and…
  • Use resources you already have to save time, energy and other important resources.

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